It is with great excitement that we announce the formation of the Wasatch Baseball Leagues. This association will include Riverton Baseball, Herriman Baseball, Bingham Baseball, Copper Hills Baseball and Eagle Mountain Baseball. As time goes on we may have other leagues join but we will consider this one city at a time. We believe the formation of this cooperative will move Riverton Baseball in a direction to improve the playing experience of our young men and women.

Among other improvements, we will be participating in interleague play tournaments for drafted teams of our league, meaning our league champions take on other leagues’ champions. We will also be rolling out a brand new machine pitch division option for seven year olds. This will allow teams to compete in a normal drafted situation within our league or bring and entire team to sign up to play teams from other leagues.

All-Stars will look and feel as it always has. The winner of the State All-Star tournaments will no have options of where they will continue their tournament tracks.

Finally, this cooperative allows Riverton a voice in the running of the league at all levels of participation and will be managed by the Board of Presidents.

We look forward to all of your help in taking this leap and making baseball even better for the youth of our community.

– Riverton Baseball Elect Board

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