Have you ever asked yourself what is the difference Drafted Division and AAA Division?

What is the Drafted Division?

This is not a competitive (Super League, Travel Ball, Etc.) baseball division. This division is made up of kids that have never played baseball to kids that have a few years of similar level of baseball and kids that have tried competitive baseball and found out that it wasn’t for them. This division it made for kids that want to play for fun and learn how to play baseball. Teams will be comprised of 100% league boundary approved players (Riverton, Bluffdale and small parts of Herriman and SoJo).

This includes all of our traditional divisions: Quickball, Rookie 6, PeeWee’s, Minors, Majors, 13, 14-15 & 16-18). Younger teams are organized by the Riverton Baseball Board (Quickball 3-4, Quickball 5 & Rookie 6). Older teams are created after player evaluations (Try outs) and a coaches draft. But if your child doesn’t feel comfortable to do a try out they would be placed on a team after the draft.

Players in this division are eligible for both the City League Championship and postseason All-Star teams.

If you have any questions please contact the Drafted Division President Zach Bawden at zach@rivertonbaseball.org

What is the AAA Division?

This is a competitive (Super League, Travel Ball, Etc.) baseball division. These are teams that have been formed prior to league play by a group of coaches or origination. This division is for players and families that want to take baseball to the next level. There are 2 to 3 levels inside of this division as well: Gold, Silver & Bronze. The WBL with help of the leagues and coaches place teams into one of those 3 levels to help facilitate growth and competition.

If you have any questions about this division or on how to find try outs for these type of teams please contact the AAA President McKade Christensen at mckade@rivertonbaseball.org

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